Spice It Up: Flavors That Go Beyond Taste

Are your taste buds craving a new experience lately? It’s time to explore the wide world of spices that not only have exquisite taste but also amazing health benefits!

Spice up your life, and your health, with the rich flavors of India

Spice up your life, and your health, with the rich flavors of India

Indian cuisine is becoming increasingly popular these days and it’s no wonder. The recipes are aromatic and rich in full-bodied spices. One of its more known flavors is curry. Curry is actually a combination of spices that varies in different countries and cultures. One ingredient that is common to all curry powders is turmeric. Curcumin, the substance that gives turmeric its yellow color, has some remarkable healing properties. It is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and a defense against breast and prostate cancers. It is also known to help with Alzheimer’s disease by clearing protein deposits in the brain that may cause Alzheimer’s. Madras Curry is very flavorful and not too spicy. This versatile blend will go well on meats, vegetables, in soups, sauces, and sprinkled in rice.

Paprika is a fiery-red powder that comes from aromatic red bell peppers. It was originally discovered in Mexico and is now produced in Hungary, Spain, and California. The yellow variety has more kick to it, and is not for timid taste buds. Paprika contains almost ten times as much vitamin C as one tomato does in weight. It helps with digestion, blood pressure and circulation. It is also used as a blood-thinning agent and an antibiotic. The rose-colored sweet paprika is a Hungarian specialty. It is slightly hot and delicate in flavor when heated.

Ancho chile, also known as the “poblano” pepper, comes from Puebla, Mexico. It can be used in its green form but as it ripens, it transforms into a wrinkly dark red, almost black, heart-shaped form that can be pulverized to powder. Its secret powers? Like paprika, this pepper contains capsaicin, a chemical that helps with arthritis, high cholesterol, and the immune system. Chile peppers also have high levels of beta carotene and Vitamin A for eye health.

Try the distinct sweet flavor of cinnamon if you have Type 2 diabetes. Add it to your cereal, hot drinks and in baking. Don’t underestimate good old garlic. It is a powerful anti-cancer agent. While you’re at it, add rosemary to your soups and meats. This evergreen stimulates the immune system and reduces asthmatic symptoms. If you’re on the bold side, try cayenne pepper (chili pepper) on beef, pork, lamb, chicken and sauces. This fiery spice is amazing for high blood pressure. It clears your arteries of bad cholesterol, especially important since heart disease is the number one killer in America. After you’ve eaten a meal, you may want to use some thyme to clean your palette. The thymol, in thyme, is a natural antiseptic that can treat inflammations of the mouth, including gingivitis.

Spice is nice but be careful. Peppers can cause discomfort when it comes in contact with the skin and eyes, so don’t touch your face or rub your eyes when handling these powders. Explore and experiment. After all, variety is the SPICE OF LIFE. Reawaken your senses and revive your health at the same time – remind yourself that life is good!

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